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Items Subject to Other Regulations

There is a limit on the amount of following items to be brought into Taiwan.

When a passenger (resident/foreigner) brings more than the limit, making a declaration to Customs via the Red (Goods to Declare/ Customs Service) Channel upon arrival and presenting necessary documents (import permit/ certificate/ approval) is required.

agricultural or food products Medicines Veterinary Drugs

Cosmetics Other Items


Agricultural or Food Products

The following provisions were imposed on agricultural and foods products carried by arriving passengers:


A. Quarantine Regulations

Articles Banned from Bringing In Exceptions
Live animals and products thereof

(1)Dried or marinated aquatic products.
(2)Those compliant with quarantine regulations.
(3)Those are dogs, cats and rabbits imported following quarantine regulations (please see Pets).

Fresh fruits -
Seeds, live plants and fresh products thereof Those compliant with the quarantine regulations

Note:  Arriving passengers having doubts regarding quarantine regulations may consult the APHIA counter near the baggage carousel.


B. Quantity Limits

Category Quantity Limits
General Regulation
-Agricultural products
 (1) Totaled 6 kgs
 (2) Milled rice, roasted or prepared peanut, prepared garlic, dried day-lily flower, dried mushrooms and tea 1kg each
Special Regulation
-Products from China
 (1) Dried scallops, dried abalone, edible bird's nest and dried shark's fin 1.2 kgs each
 (2) Canned products 6 cans each


  1. For carrying agricultural products in excess of the limit, an import permit issued by International Trade Administration is required.
  2. For carrying milled rice in excess of the limit, a permit issued by the Agricultural and Food Agency (AFA, mcoa@mail.afa.goc.tw) is required as well.


C. Food Inspection Conducted by the TFDA

Food inspection is required if arriving passengers carrys food products (excl. those in tablet or capsule form) meet one of the following conditions:

  • the quantity of one kind exeeds 6kgs ; or
  • the totaled value of one kind is more than USD 1,000

For applying for food inspection, please contact to the TFDA (+886-2-2787-8000) prior to the customs clearance.


D. Regulations of Protecting Endangered Species

For importation of Endangered Species, a permit or certificate issued by the Competent Authority is required.

Species to be Imported Competent Authority

(a) CITES-listed species

eg.  dried or sliced american ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)

Management authority of the state of export or re-export

(b) Species  regulated by the Wildlife Conservation Act*


*Note: NO import or export of live marine mammalian wildlife or products thereof is allowed, e.g., seal oil.



Medicines carried by arriving passengers shall comply with the following regulations:

  • For personal use only 
  • The amount carried shall be within the allowance in the table.


Allowance In excess?

Western Medicine

Non-Prescription Medicine

Up to 12 bottles (boxes, cans, bars, sticks) per type, and up to a maximum of 36 bottles (boxes, cans, bars, sticks).

Permit issued by the TFDA is required for the customs clearance.

Prescription Medicine Controlled Drugs

With prescription (or supporting document): Up to a 6 months' supply.

A statement certified by TFDA is required for the customs clearance.

  • Without prescription (or supporting document): Up to a 2 months' supply.
  • With prescription (or supporting document): Up to a 6 months' supply.
  • For carrying injectables, the prescription is required.

Permit issued by the TFDA is required for the customs clearance.

  • Notice: The dosage shall not exceed what is stated in the prescription (or supporting document).
Chinese Medicine Ingredients

Up to 1 kg of each type of ingredient, and up to a maximum of 12 types of ingredients.

Permit issued by the Department of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy(+886-2-8590-7261) is required for customs clearance.


Up to 12 bottles (boxes) of each type, and up to a maximum of 36 bottles (boxes).

  • For situations exceeding the said limits, please present medical documents to Customs where you could carry up to a 3 months' supply.

Food preparations, in capsule or tablet form.

Up to 12 bottles (boxes, cans, bars, sticks) per type, and up to a maximum of 36 bottles (boxes, cans, bars, sticks).

Permit issued by the TFDA is required for the customs clearance.

Contact lenses

Up to 60 pieces contact lenses with the same diopters. Up to 2 diopters of one brand is allowed.


  1. The measurement unit used in this table: bottles (boxes,cans, bars, sticks, packets,bags), etc. is limited to "original packaging".
  2. If endangered species are used as medicine ingredients, a certificate issued by the competent agency is required for customs clearance.
  3. Where a prescription medicine in Taiwan is considered as a non-prescription medicine in the exporting country, the amount allowed for non-prescription medicine shall apply.
  • About categorization of medicines (including controlled drugs), please refer to the website of the TFDA (+886-2-2787-8000).


Veterinary Drugs

Veterinary Drugs carried by arriving passengers shall comply with the following regulations:

Category Limits on amount of Veterinary Drugs

Prescription Drugs

  • up to a 3 months' supply.
  • The dosage shall not exceed what stated on the prescription or supporting document.

Non-Prescription Drugs

  • Up to 6 bottles of each kind in original packaging and 6 kinds in total.
  • The amount shall not exceed 18 bottles* or 180 drops* or 1kg or 1 liter in aggregate.

*Note: The "bottles" herein could referred to boxes, cans, bars, sticks, packets, or bags; and the "drops" herein could also referred to ingots.



A.Specific Purpose Cosmetics

A prior application for approval by the TFDA is required if passenger carries specific purpose cosmetics, unless:

  • less than 12 pieces per type of such cosmetics; 
  • less than 36 pieces in aggregate; and
  • for personal use.


  1. "Pieces" herein could be referred to bottles or boxes or jars or bags as well.
  2. Specific purpose cosmetics including sunscreen, hair dye, perm agent, antiperspirant and deodorant, teeth whitening agent and other designated ingredients (but not limited to).


B.Glass Ampoule Cosmetics

Arriving passengers are not allowed to carry glass ampoule cosmetics without a prior approval from the TFDA(+886-2-2787-8000).

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Other Items

Items subject to other regulations should be processed pursuant to the provisions of governing laws and regulations, and a written declaration shall be submitted to Customs at the Red (Goods to Declare/ Customs Service) Channel upon arrival. For instance:

Category prior approval is required? Competent Authority

BSMI Designated Items

  • For Examples: (but not limited to)

(1) Information appliances, e.g. notebooks, tablets.
(2) Home appliances and electronics, e.g. TV, speakers, microwave, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, lighting equipment.
(3) Baby supplies, e.g. baby carriages, baby walkers, baby garments and clothing.
(4) Protective helmets.
(5) Toys.

If carried are:


Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI)


Others  Yes
Controlled Telecommunication Radio-Frequency Devices (CTRFDs)

The following items less than 5 pieces in aggregate:

  • Wireless telecommunications terminal equipments (TTE)
  • Low-power radio-frequency devices (LPD), e.g. walkie-talkie, devices with bluetooth or WIFI functions

National Communications Commision (NCC)


Mobile satellite earth stations/    Small satellite earth stations

  • Passengers in violation could be imposed with a NT$100,000 to NT$500,000 fine and confiscation of the CTRFDs.


In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

General Affairs Section, Inspection Division






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