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Export Clearance
No. Title Publish time
1 Pertaining to the export case for early harvest plan under ECFA commodity trade, when shall exporters apply for ECFA certificates of country origin? Do the certificates have expiration date? 2022-08-01
2 What are the procedures for right holders to apply for trademark protection to Taiwan Customs? 2022-08-01
3 What are the items for which the Customs take measures to enforce the protection of Intellectual Property Rights? 2022-08-01
4 What is the export limit in terms of monetary amount when declaring in the name of a private person? Are there any regulations? 2022-08-01
5 In the event that a discrepancy is found in the trademark of the goods upon an export declaration, will the goods still be released? What documents are required? 2022-08-01
6 In the event that our trademarks are infringed, what should we do to get your help? 2022-08-01
7 Is an amendment allowed when mistakes in export declaration are found after the declarations have been filed? Are there regulations involved? 2022-08-01
8 What should one pay attention while exporting optical disks? 2022-08-01
9 What is the prescribed time limit for the amendment of export declarations? 2022-08-01
10 If the export declaration is lost, how can I apply for re-issuing it? 2022-08-01
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