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About TPC



Taipei Customs (TPC), Customs Administration is the agency of Ministry of Finance.

TPC is responsible for the clearance of air cargo and air express consignments, the clearance of international parcels, the examination of luggage and the supervision of bonded factories in northern Taiwan.



It was established on July 1st, 1969 with the name of Taipei Customs Office and located in Taipei City.

In 1980, it moved to Taoyuan City after Chiang Kai-Shek International Airport (now as Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport) had opened for commercial operation for a year.

Taipei Customs Office was renamed Taipei Customs in 2013 due to organization reform program.



Border protection is the priority of Customs; however, strict controls may slow down the clearance speed which is unprofitable for international trade. It’s challenging to reach the balance between Customs compliance and trade facilitation.

TPC has several ongoing projects, for example, establishing a safe and efficient process of express clearance and developing Artificial Intelligence System, that is so-called ‘Smart Customs in the Cloud Era’.



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