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Passenger Clearance
No. Title Publish time
1 How can I carry pets into or out of Taiwan? 2023-09-22
2 Are passengers allowed to bring electronic cigarette into Taiwan? 2023-09-22
3 How do I make an export cargo declaration? 2022-08-23
4 What kind of goods are duty-exempted and what is the maximum quantities an arriving passenger can bring? 2022-08-23
5 How should I make the Customs clearance on arrival? 2022-08-23
6 Can I carry fruits into the country? 2022-08-23
7 How much gold can I carry across the border? 2022-08-23
8 What kind of food products can I bring into Taiwan (to meet the policy of keeping African Swine Fever and animal diseases out)? 2022-08-23
9 Could my unaccompanied luggage be imported duty free? 2022-08-23
10 Can I carry tobacco or liquor into Taiwan? 2022-08-23
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