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Archives Reading Room Rules

1.The Archives Reading Room of the Taipei Customs, Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance(hereinafter referred to as Taipei Customs) is designated for archives utilization services. It is open for the public to inquire about, read, copy and duplicate archives.

2. The opening hours of the Reading Room are Monday thru Friday from 09:00 to 12:00;13:00 to 16:30. The Reading Room is closed on national holidays.

3. Individuals other than employees of the Taipei Customs entering the Reading Room must present photo ID and register for the access to official archives of the Taipei Customs. Except notebooks, personal items and bags must be left in the locker.

4. In principle, only duplicates of archives will be made available for use. Those who need access to the originals must specify reasons for doing so in the application form.

5. For access to the Taipei Customs archives, individuals must present a “Notice of Approval to Access Taipei Customs Archives” to a member of the Taipei Customs staff who shall accompany the user while he/she accesses the Taipei Customs archives or access to the image files online. Individuals wishing to use the National Archives online document retrieval system (https://near.archives.gov.tw/) may go online to do so after registering with the Reading Room personnel.

6. Pencils and gloves are provided in the Reading Room. Those who enter the Reading Room may not use calligraphy brushes, fountain pens, or ballpoint pens etc., to copy information from records in the Archives. Users are expected in principle to reproduce on their own using a photocopying machine in the manner indicated by the Reading Room staff.

7. All of the Taipei Customs archives are to be utilized within the premises of the Reading Room-no exception! In the event where the user needs to leave the Reading Room temporarily, he/she must return the checked-out archives and stationeries to the Reading Room staff for safekeeping before exiting the Reading Room. Users of the National Archives online document retrieval system must logout before exiting the Reading Room.

8. A service charge in accordance with the prescribed Standard Access Fees will be collected from those who apply to read, copy or duplicate the files.

9. After finishing reading the archives, users must return them to a member of the Reading Room staff. The user’s personnel ID shall be returned until everything borrowed has been properly returned and he/she has logged out of the National Archives online document retrieval system. All archives must be returned on the day they are accessed. Those who need continue using the same archives must access it again the next time they return to the Reading Room.

10. Those who apply to read, copy or duplicate the archives must abide by the rules and regulations set in place by the Taipei Customs, and must not be involved in the following activities. Violators’ privilege to use the Taipei Customs archives will be suspended in accordance with the provisions set forth in Article 26 of the Archives Act. Violations of the criminal statutes will be turned over to the prosecutorial agency for investigation and prosecution. These violations are as follows:

(1) Add notations to, scratch off/alter, change, remove, add marks to or contaminate the records.

(2) Dismantle file bindings.

(3) Destroy archives or alter archives contents in any other manner.

11. Smoking, eating/drinking, noise making, chewing betel nuts, or any other disturbing behavior is strictly prohibited within the premises of the Reading Room. Users should not hinder the ability of other persons to make use of the facilities, nor may they engage in behavior that detracts from the cleanliness of the Reading Room. The Taipei Customs reserves the right to deny violators’ access to the Reading Room.






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