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Air Cargo Clearance Automation Service(ACCA)


Air Cargo Clearance Automation service (ACCA) was officially launched on November 9, 1992 by Taipei Customs. With the help of Trade Value Added Network (TRADE-VAN, T/V), importers/exporters or their entrusted customs brokers can send the declaration information online, replacing most of the paperwork and thus enhancing the clearance efficiency. When the declaration is transmitted to the Expert System of Customs via the T/V, one of the three cargo clearance modes will be generated, and the cargo will be cleared accordingly:


1. C1 – free of document review and cargo examination;

2. C2 – document review; and

3. C3 – document review and cargo examination.


The schematic illustration of the T/V network is shown as follows:


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Air Cargo Clearance Automation

Release date:2023-08-31