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In the event that our trademarks are infringed, what should we do to get your help?

According to the provisions in the “Operation Directions for Customs Authorities In Implementing Measures for Protecting the Rights and Interests of Patent, Trademark and Copyright”, Trademark right owner or copyright holder, or the exclusive licensee or agent thereof , shall make a written complaint to the Directorate General of Customs or the Customs office of the place of import or export in the event that that the imported or exported goods are suspected of infringing on trademark right or copyright. The following information shall be submitted upon making complaint:

1. Facts of the infringement and explanations which are sufficient to identify the goods that fringe on trademark right or copyright;

2. Relevant substantive information, such as the name of importer/exporter suspected of committing the infringement, the description of goods, the port and date of import/export, flight (voyage) number, container number and place of storage of goods.

3. Trademark registration document, copyright certificate or any other document which is sufficient to establish copyright ownership. In the event that a complaint is made by an agent, documents which prove the existence of agency shall be submitted.


Contact Point : Clearance Division I

TEL :+886-3-383-4265 ext.264

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