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How can I know my payment history concerning the trade promotion service fee? How can I know whether I have any payable fees?

1. According to the Foreign Trade Act, the competent authority may establish a 

trade promotion fund by collecting uniformly, throgh customs, a trade promotion 

service fee (hereinafter TPS fee) against the goods exported by exporters.
2. The formula of TPS fee:
TPS fee = FOB price (Free on board price) × the rate of TPS fee (0.04%)

If the settlement amount is less than NT$100, no TPS fee shall be made.
3. If you want to know your payment history or payable fees concerning the TPS 

fee, you can check related records on the website : CPT Single Window

(https://portal.sw.nat.gov.tw/PPL/eng) or contact us (Taipei Customs):  +886-3-383-4265 ext.261

Release date:2024-06-28 Click times:1224