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What are the procedures for establishing import/export cargo warehouses?

The application for establishing import/export cargo warehouse is as follows:
I. Documents Review:
1. The application for establishing import/export cargo warehouse is required to submit the following documents:
(1) Application Form: stating the name, address, and telephone of the company as well as the name and address of the statutory representative.
(2) Warehouse Location: construction structure and, layout drawings.
(3) Building use permit and its photocopy (original copy will be examined and returned on-site).
(4) Use of open-air space for storage should submit the layout and user permit and theirs photocopies.
(5) Applications for establishment of bonded warehouses storing dangerous articles shall also submit permits for the location of the warehouse as well as the safety installations issued by the respective competent authorities.

The required documents of the preceding articles 3 and 4 can be exempted if applicants are government agency or state enterprise.
2. Applicants which are container freight stations should apply for permission from the Ministry of Transportation and Communication before making an application to the customs.
3. Applicants should apply for an on-site inspection to responsible divisions after documents are reviewed satisfactorily.

II. On-site Inspection

III. Payment of Guarantee
1. After being inspected satisfactorily and approved for establishing import/export cargo warehouses, applicants shall pay a guarantee of NT$ 150,000 to the customs office; government agency or state business applicants are exempted from such guarantee.
2. Ways to Pay Guarantee

(1) Cash.
(2) Bonds issued by the government.
(3) Time deposit certificates issued by a bank.
(4) Time deposit certificates issued by a credit cooperative.
(5) A one-year or more common trust certificate issued by a trust and investment company.
(6) A guarantee provided by a financial institution.
(7) Any other property approved by the Ministry of Finance which is easy for sale and custody, and free from any dispute over proprietary rights.
The security furnished in any of the forms specified in Subparagraphs(2)to(5)and (7)in the preceding paragraph shall be mortgaged or pledged to Customs.

IV. Regulations Fee Certificate
After accepting approval for registration and paying guarantee, successful applicants should pay NT$ 2,000 for regulations fee certificate upon receiving registration or license.

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Contact point : Clearance Division II

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