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Is it necessary to apply for Customs declaration when we transfer the cargos from a duty-levying area to a logistics center?

When you transfer the cargos from a duty-levying area, the logistics center shall fill in the form to be recorded in the computerized file without declaring to the  Customs. The goods may be then stored following the completion of the  computerized registration.


Contact point:Clearance Division II

+886-3-383-4265 Ext 362  for application of logistics center ,

+886-3-383-4265 Ext 317,318,325~328 for bonded cargo clearance, and

+886-3-383-4265 Ext 308,306 for bonded cargo management.

Office hours:Monday ~ Friday  8:30-12:30  13:00-17:00






Issued:Clearance Division II Release date:2022-08-10 Click times:968