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Are there any restrictions for those cargos stored in a logistics center?

Logistics centers are prohibited from storing the following articles:

1. Articles declared as contraband under Article 15 of the Customs Act.

2. Firearms, weapons, ammunitions, and explosive hazardous materials.

3. Narcotics and controlled substances.

4. Old vehicle parts, scrap iron, scrap metal, hazardous industrial wastes, pharmaceutical wastes, and other waste materials.

5. Goods placed under importation control.

6. Live animals.

7. Animal products, plants, and other products that have not passed epidemic control inspection.

8.The following articles unless duly authorized for importation by the respective competent authorities:

a. Toxic chemical substances, chloro fluorocarbons (HCFCs), and other controlled chemicals.

b. Radioactive articles.

c. strategic high-tech commodities destinating to export control areas.

d. Articles likely to cause pollution or environmental pollution during the storage period.

e. Body parts of or products from protected wildlife body parts.

f. Rough diamonds.

g.Other commodities requiring prior approval, as announced by relevant competent 

9. Other articles officially declared unsuitable for storage by the Customs.


Contact point:Clearance Division II

+886-3-383-4265 Ext 362 for application of  logistics centers ,

+886-3-383-4265 Ext 317,318,325~327 for bonded cargo clearance, and

+886-3-383-4265 Ext 308,306 for bonded cargo management.

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