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Is it allowed to transfer our cargos stored in a bonded warehouse to another warehouse or logistics center?

1. Yes. In any of the following circumstances, you may transfer the bonded cargos stored in a bonded warehouse to another bonded warehouse or a logistics center, and the original storer or the seller and the buyer shall jointly prepare a letter of application for transfer of bonded cargos to another bonded warehouse or logistics center, and submit it to the Customs:

(1) The cargos are transported to a logistics center or transferred to a bonded warehouse at another domestic treaty port.

(2) The cargos are sold to a self-provided bonded warehouse.

(3)  The foreign cargos are sold by a self-provided bonded warehouse.

(4)  The bonded warehouse cancels its registration and ceases operations.

(5)  The bonded cargos stored in the warehouse are likely to be damaged by natural disaster of force majeure such as flood, landslide, or typhoon, or it is predicted that a natural disaster will occur.

(6)  The person originally applying for storage of such goods in the bonded warehouse has established its own bonded warehouse.

(7)  Other special circumstances.

2. In the circumstances described in the above subparagraphs 4~7, where the cargos are transferred to another bonded warehouse at the same treaty port, a prior application shall be submitted to the Customs for approval.


Contact point:Clearance Division II

+886-3-383-4265 Ext 362 for application of bonded warehouse,

+886-3-383-4265 Ext 317,318,325~327 for bonded cargo clearance, and

+886-3-383-4265 Ext 308,306 for bonded cargo management.

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