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International Customs cooperation and exchanges

1. Active engagement in international organization conferences

To advance international customs cooperation and exchanges, the Customs Administration ,Ministry of Finance (hereinafter referred to as the Customs Administration) attends conferences held by international organization  such as the  Sub Committee on Customs Procedures(SCCP)of the Asia Pacific  Economic Cooperation (APEC);the Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC)Management Committee and Technical Committee on Customs Valuation (TCCV) under    the World Customs Organization (WCO) ;the  World Trade Organization (WTO)Committee on Anti-dumping Practices,the Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures  and the Committee on Rules of Origin (CRO) .The Customs Administration not only takes the opportunity to interact with experts and delegations from different countries, but it also learns about the latest practices or guidelines as reference for making Customs policy later on.

2. Regularly holding bilateral  customs meetings

The Customs Administration and Polish Customs hold Deputy Ministerial-Level Customs cooperation meetings,alternating every year. We also have bilateral customs meetings with Vietnam Customs once every two years. The meetings promote the exchange and establishment of high-level official dialogue mechanisms between two customs agencies. The bilateral meetings provide a platform to strengthen substantive relationships, to consolidate the friendship of both sides, and to explore the cooperative areas that can be intensified in the future.

3. Reception and arrangements the visits for foreign guests

To improve customs relations with other countries, the Customs Administration fully arranges the visits for our guests . Through having face-to-face conversations to exchange some views on customs measures and share experience in customs policy with foreign delegations, the Customs Administration hopes to enhance relations with the relevant countries and explore opportunities of cooperation with many countries.

4. Holding of the international customs workshops

The Customs Administration and the Training Institute, Ministry of Finance would hold international customs workshops once every two years. The exchanges in the workshop may allow for understanding the development of customs affairs in various countries,help consolidate the interaction between customs of our country and other countries and share professional knowledge and practical experience. Depending on the theme of the workshops, the Customs Administration will invite different customs experts from various countries to speak. This provides a platform to promote cooperation in customs affairs, allow experts from all corners of the world to exchange experience, and help the Customs Administration to learn more conducive and informative practical experience. The ultimate goal is to extend the international customs expertise and to make connections with delegations from other countries through the workshops.


Issued:Department of Planning Release date:2021-03-09