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Plan to Construct the Gantry-Mounted Container Inspection Machine and Non-Intrusive Inspection Station in 6th Container Terminal of Kaohsiung Customs, Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance

1. Project Objectives
       To enforce and carry out the policy of "Society Security Plan" of the "5 Major Social Stability Plans" announced by President Tsai, as well as the "New-generation Anti-drug Strategy" and "Kaohsiung Intercontinental Container Terminal (ICT) Project Phase 2" promoted by Executive Yuan, Customs continuous to step up efforts to modernize inspection instruments, create a facilitated clearance environment, and fight against illicit activities such as drug trafficking at the same time. As the 7th Container Terminal of Kaohsiung Port will commence operations in 2022, the number of containers going through Non-Intrusive Inspection in the 6th and 7th terminals will increase. To improve the container inspection capacity of Kaohsiung Customs and uplift the efficiency of inspection and clearance, the plan is to establish the gantry-mounted cargo inspection machine and Non-Intrusive Inspection station office at the junction of the 6th and 7th container terminal in Kaohsiung Port.
2. Implementation Content
A. Set up a task force to draw up a draft of the procurement specifications and tender documentation; conduct the conceptual planning      of Non-Intrusive Inspection Station building and the procurement of Construction Supervision Commit Technical Services.
B. Conduct the planning and design, open tender, contract signing and installation for the gantry-mounted cargo inspection machine          and Non-Intrusive Inspection Station.
C. Conduct the procurement, bidding, comparison and review of bidding, award of bidding, and contract signing for the gantry-                  mounted cargo inspection machine.
D. Conduct the acceptance check of work for Non-Intrusive Inspection Station and apply for the use permit.
E. Conduct the system integration test, acceptance check, and operation of the gantry-mounted cargo inspection machine.
3. Expected Benefits
A. Shorten the clearance time and save money while maintaining interdiction operations
Setting up high-tech cargo inspection machine could improve the accuracy of physical examination and enhance customs clearance efficiency.
B. Substantially upgrade image identification
The newly purchased gantry-mounted cargo inspection machine with high-dose-rate radiation sources would not only upgrade the image recognition and identification
but also lower the risk of misjudgment; therefore, the efficiency of inspection and clearance will be uplifted.
C. Machine automation
The gantry-mounted cargo inspection machine is set up for self-operation screening to secure the safety of drivers at the inspection station. Therefore, staff members no longer have to acquire driving licenses for heavy trucks. In addition, the maintenance fee for mobile X-ray machine will be reduced.
D. Enhance customs clearance efficiency
In response to the new lease agreement signed by Taiwan International Ports Corporation and Evergreen Marine Corp. on December 11, 2018 for container wharves S1~S5 in Port of Kaohsiung’s 7th Container Terminal, the handling capacity of the terminal will top 4 million TEU per year. Customs is currently downsizing with limited staff members to undertake border enforcement; therefore, Customs purchased X-ray inspection machine with high screening capacities, good resolution, and high accuracy of image recognition to assist physical examination. The program of risk management system and manifest targeting has been established where Customs can uplift the efficiency of inspection and clearance.

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