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New Gantry X-ray Container Inspection Station Launched at Keelung Port

        For realizing the “New Generation Anti-drug Strategy” and optimizing technological inspection tools, Keelung Customs, following the replacement plan of X-ray container inspection machines for marine cargos, has completed both of the office of Non-intrusive Inspection(NII) Station II and the construction of X-ray container inspection equipment on the west wharf of Keelung port on August 11, 2019. After trial operations, the new office as well as the machine set to start official service on Sep. 26 this year. 2,800 containers have gone through X-ray inspection so far, which not only ensures cargo security but also enhances trade facilitation.

        Keelung Customs expresses that although the container operators complied with the traffic flow plan of the new NII station during the trial operation period, some truck drivers are still not familiar with the operational environment. Therefore, Keelung Customs reminds that the container truck drivers should pay attention to the announcement published on August 1, 2019 (general announcement No. 1081019584 by Inspection Division of Keelung Customs), and drive their trucks to the inspection waiting area (dedicated lane 2,3,4 on port 22, west wharf) following traffic signs and Customs officals’ instruction to undergo the X-ray inspection. To conduct the X-ray inspection more quickly and smoothly, Keelung Customs is making immediate improvement in response to problems such as unclear traffic signs or marks based on rolling correction principles. The Customs says that it will continously step up efforts to proceed with a series of modernization initiatives so as to create a barrier-free clearance environment.

Issued:Department of Investigation Release date:2021-03-22 Click times:745