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X-Ray Image Interpretation Personnel Grading System

To enhance the capability of Customs officers in interpreting X-ray images, Taiwan Customs implemented a grading system for X-ray image interpretation personnel starting in 2018.


The classification levels and qualifications for X-ray image interpretation personnel are as follows:


Junior interpreters: Achieved after a one-month internship. Junior interpreters are new entrants into the field.

Medium interpreters: Achieved after working for over a year as a Junior interpreter and passing the medium level test. Medium interpreters are responsible for mentoring Junior interpreters.

Senior interpreters: Achieved after working for more than two years as a Medium interpreter and passing the senior level test. Senior interpreters guide both Junior and Medium interpreters and conduct educational training.


Since its implementation in 2018, there have been 368 personnel qualified as Junior interpreters, 591 as Medium, and 184 as Senior interpreters. Taiwan Customs will continue to conduct grading tests and actively organize educational training programs, as well as enrich the X-ray image database, to cultivate professional talent in X-ray image interpretation and improve inspection efficiency.

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