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Department of Investigation

Taking charge of matters concerning enforcement laws and regulations and smuggling prevention and interception. Its missions and functions are as follows:

Missions and Functions Telephone Number
[Switchboard: 02-25505500]
  1. Drawing, interpretation and amendment of laws and regulations regarding smuggling prevention, passengers clearance and handling of smuggled goods. Managing affairs concerning departure ban of individuals. Planning and initiating operations for smuggling prevention. Strategic alliances, Container Security Initiative(CSI). Certification of self-provided container seals. Enforcement of mini three-links operation(travelers and goods moving between offshore islands of Kinmen and Matsu and Mainland China ports).
  2. Collection and analysis of national and international intelligence. Implementation of border control on IPR, CITES goods and Strategic High Tech Commodities(SHTC). Signing Arrangement or Mou on information exchange with foreign Customs.
  3. Maintenance of the sea and air transportation import/export entry summary selectivity system. Maintenance of the New Risk Management System,  Inspection Selectivity System and the Integration Database of Violations of Traders.  Analysis and processing of mutual investigation cases of internal taxes and Customs duties. Processing of reported smuggling and tax violation and evasion.
  4. The organizing, planning and processing of detector dog training courses. Supervising and evaluating the deployment of field customs detector dog teams. Tour guidance of Breeding and Training Center. Anti-drug promotion and education activities.
  5. Mating and breeding of detector dogs. Planning and processing of puppy-walker program and socialization-volunteer program. International cooperation in the breeding of detector dog.
  6. In charge of affairs related to passive and active e-seals. In charge of maintenance of cargo risk-profiling system and other related work. In charge of affairs related to non-intrusive inspection of containers, personal luggage, parcels, and express cargoes, maintenance of image files management and other related work. Supervising regional Customs’ anti-smuggling operation conducted by customs preventive boats. Planning of the decommission and construction of customs preventive boats.
ext. 2945,2941,2946,049-25580675,049-25581514







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