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Department of Information Management

Taking charge of matters regarding the automation of information services. Consisting of 6 sections, missions and functions are as follows:

Missions and Functions Telephone Number
[Switchboard: 02-25505500]

1st Section:

Development of integral strategies of customs information services; planning and promoting of projects, budget managing and auditing, education and training, administration of general affairs,etc.

2nd Section:

Planning, designing and managing of import clearance systems, inbound passenger clearance system; supervision of import automated clearance operations of field customs, etc.

3rd Section:

Planning, designing and managing of export clearance systems, Import and export trade statistics system and Authorized Economic Operator System; supervision of export automated clearance operations of field customs,etc .

4th Section:

Planning, designing and analyzing information systems of customs administrative risk management, risk analysis, public opinion mailboxes and official document operation;Training and guiding users of aforementioned services etc. 

5th Section:

Planning, designing and managing of:

  1. CPT Single Window related Services
  2. Internet/intranet websites
  3. Customs Knowledge Management System
  4. Cross-Institution Vehicle Information Platform
  5. Government Open Data, Administration of the permission for clearance network operation license, management of customs clearance certificate RA(registration authority), etc.

6th Section:

Planning, designing and managing of network,software and hardware infrastructure of :

  1. CPT Single Window System
  2. Advance Cargo Clearance system
  3. Customs Cloud Computing services
  4. Protection and management of information Security, etc.  
ext. 2403, 2410, 2417,2424,2304,2311







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