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Kaohsiung Customs (KHC) Implements Administrative Inspections of Personal Data Collected by Customs Brokers for Strengthening Personal Data Protection.

KHC stated that in order to prevent personal data collected by customs brokers from being stolen or illegally disclosed, it may implement administrative inspections on customs brokers for the security of personal data. The aforementioned procedure is conducted according to the "Administrative Inspection Plan for Security Maintenance and Management of Personal Data Stored by Customs Brokers, the Ministry of Finance in 2023". KHC randomly checked 16 customs brokers for personal data security last year. "Personal Data Security Maintenance Self-Check Form" and "Personal Data File Security Maintenance Plan for Customs Brokers" filed by the customs brokers had undergone thorough scrutiny, and all the measures taken by those brokers were in compliance with relevant regulations.
KHC emphasized that customs brokers, who collect, process or use personal data from information and communication systems, and also store more than 10,000 personal records for their business operations, should persistently intensify the information security. According to Paragraph 1, Article 18 of Regulations Governing the Maintenance of Personal Data Security for Customs Brokers, customs brokers should adopt information security measures listed on  Subparagraph 1 to 6 of the same Article. Meanwhile, in accordance with Paragraph 3 of the same article, the aforementioned measures shall be periodically exercised, reviewed, and relevant documents shall be stored properly. For further information, please contact Customs Clearance Division I, KHC (Tel:07-5628306).

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2024-04-22